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If you haven't seen the news.. who could miss it with all the Corona virus updates every day and now a global fight in the oil markets have send the stock market into a tailspin.  I hope for all involved this turns out to be a correction and once the world has a grip on the virius and the oil issues we can all get back to enjoy our stable US economy.

To keep this short, please if you are interesting in checking out if a refinance to a lower rate will benefit your housing goals... please call us for a free review of your current interest rate vs today's ultra low interest rates.  You could save thousands this year and every year for many years to come. 

AmeriBest serves all of Florida and you can reach us at (321) 777-7277.  We wish you the Best in 2020!      - As of 3.11.2020
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Posted by Scott Bray on March 11th, 2020 10:07 PM

Happy New Year 2020

It's exciting times so far since the start of 2020 & mortgage rates have come in with a Bang! 

The stock market has been hitting new high's nearly every day so far in January 2020 and interest rates thanks to the U.S. Federal Reserve is helping keep interest rates low so far this year. 

If you are tired of paying a higher and higher portion of your paycheck to your landlord every time rent comes due then now is the best time to Buy your New Home!!  We will help you get qualified for your New Home or provide personalized answers on how to improve your credit or income situations to get you ready to buy in the future.

We have loan officers Melissa, Donna & Scott in the office ready 7 days a week to answer your questions.  We have a team of mortgage processors ready to provide you assistance through underwriting & closing.  We're here to Help YOU!

Call us 7 days a week during business hours and up until 8pm at (321) 777-7277.  We wish you have the Best Year to date in 2020!   

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Extra!!  Extra!!
Read all about it!

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) on March 20, 2019 released a statement that they left interest rates unchanged and will not being raising interest rates the rest of the year. 

This is great news for everyone buying or refinancing a home in 2019!  Rates have are currently the Best of the Year and if you are in the market to buy or refinance the window of opportunity is wide open!

Please call our team of mortgage experts to help you save on your next Florida home mortgage.  We are here 7 days a week at (321) 777-7277.  We wish you the best of 2019 has to offer! 
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As of the writing of this blog, the US Economy is all steam ahead and each month this year the economy is adding jobs to the labor force as well as controlling inflation to date.  To keep inflation in check, the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) has telegraphed that they plan to raise the Prime Rate (projected) a + .25% rise in December 2018.  Also they have telegraphed the desire to raise rates 3 or more times in 2019.  

Recently the Stock market has had a normal correction led by a correction in the strongest sector Tech.  This safe heaven within the stock market drop & with the rise of interest rates has shaken the Housing market.  

We feel the current rates are still in all time historic lows even with the rise in interest rates so far this year.  Buying a house is rewarding in many ways through ownership pride, mortgage interest tax deduction possibilities & other deductions that may be available to you.  

We feel that the stock market may move sideways for the next 3-6 months and believe the best opportunity is buying a home and locking into today's still low interest rates before the FOMC continues to raise them in the coming months and into 2019.

AmeriBest Mortgage continues to make mortgage lending easy & all Conventional Mortgages through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac will have the appraisal cost reimbursed to all our clients at closing up to $525 in cost.  

Please call Scott or Donna at (321) 777-7277.  Our team looks forward to helping you buy or refinance a home anywhere in Florida.  
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Posted by Scott Bray on November 4th, 2018 8:21 PM

I predict the US Gov't through the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will raise interest rates at least .25%.  They raised rates last year at this time in December of 2015 a .25% as well.  The economy is stronger by all recent economic reports and typically it shows stronger in the Holiday season which is the perfect time for the Gov't to raise interest rates.  Someone won't notice a shot of alcohol in our eggnog.  The shot will be welcome news by the banks industry to finally be able to see higher interest rates to earn more interest income.  This rise in interest rates will affect credit cards, auto loans, mortgage rates or any products offered by banks although most say the mortgage rates already have the .25% raise to come baked into the cake and the stock market doesn't seem to mind as they are going gangbusters every since Pres-elect Trump was elected.  

We have seen rates rise about .500% in 30 year fixed rates over the last month 11/9/2016 - 12/9/2016.  One of the most historic rise in rates in history.  Speaking of History, morgage interest rates are still among the lowest rates in the last few decades so please don't let this stop you from buying a home.  We at AmeriBest Mortgage, work daily to help you get into the homes of your dreams.  We can finance Conventional (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac), FHA & VA loans.  All of our loans offer closing costs assistance and we have lower mortgage costs than the local competitors.  

We're here to answer all of your questions for free, call us at the office during business hours at (321) 777-7277 we look forward to making you a client for life.

For FREE daily commentary on the direction of mortgage rates, Click Here.    

Happy Holidays! & Happy New Year 2017!

Scott Bray
Branch Mgr. 
Posted by Scott Bray on December 11th, 2016 10:28 PM


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